About Us

God, country, & going fast! Welcome to Big Jon Racing®. Home of the world’s fastest standing mile Challenger Hellcat. Big Jon Racing, LLC was founded in 2017 by "Big" Jon & Shanae Cross.

Big Jon is a Kansas native born and raised in the Wichita, KS. His passion for racing developed early in life while attending many drag and oval racing events.

Big Jon was introduced to land speed racing in early 2017 when he first competed in The Texas Mile event. Since then, it has been full speed ahead as he went on to set the Dodge® Challenger SRT Hellcat standing mile record at 200.1 mph in early 2018. This marked the first time for a Challenger Hellcat to enter the 200 mph club in the standing mile and it was accomplished with a factory stock motor and supercharger.

In October of 2018, Big Jon set the bar even higher with a new record standing mile top speed pass at 202.8 mph. This new record was achieved with a few changes to the car, but still accomplished using the stock motor and supercharger. Big Jon has no plans on stopping here as he continues his climb to set new records with his Challenger Hellcat.

Big Jon's Race Car

Big Jon is currently racing a 2016 Dodge® Challenger SRT Hellcat with one awesome graphic package with some cool meaning behind it (continue reading below).

Roaring down the side of the car is a mighty lion with a war-beaten American flag blowing from the mane. Our logo incorporates everything Big Jon wanted to represent, muscle car dominance and freedom.

Big Jon's number references God's promise to believers in the book of Revelation 3:11 when Jesus said, "I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown." This is Big Jon's favorite scripture and is the foundation of the team. If you look closely, you will find it overlaid nicely on the back bumper.

What's the meaning behind the rally stripes? Nothing. It just looks good.